Davidson-Cornelius Child Development Center


Classes at DCCDC

Davidson-Cornelius Child Development Center is a full-fledged center providing care and education to all preschool age infants and children. As a 5-Star NC state rated center, it is the goal of the center to provide the best possible environment for your children. 

INFANTS: Our classes are divided into age-appropriate groupings, beginning with our Infants I  and Infants II classes.  In those classes infants are paired with experienced and dedicated teachers who begin immediately to encourage movement, focus, awareness and other developmental milestones of the infant age. 

TODDLERS: Once they learn to walk children are moved up to the Toddlers class, where they learn to walk more steadily, develop grasping, holding and other fine motor skills, and begin more social awareness exercises, including listening and talking, and fine motor and major motor development. 

TWOS: Once they reach the age of two the children move to the Two's class, where there is emphasis on social interaction, listening, speaking, following directions, play and continued physical growth and skill in holding and using objects such as toys, books and other age-appropriate items. 

THREES: In the Threes classroom, children embark upon more advanced learning and begin more advanced interactions with their peers, building upon listening skills, speaking, playing, socialization and continued physical development. 

PRE-KINDERGARTEN: The final class at DCCDC builds upon previous classes to prepare your child for entrance into public or private schools, learning to hold a pencil and write letters and numbers, writing their names, listening to instructions and other developmentally significant skills. 

In all classes, we follow state guidelines to ensure your child is on track to meet appropriate developmental milestones, and we utilize a number of excellent resources to meet these goals.