Davidson-Cornelius Child Development Center


Our Approach

Using a “Learning Through Play” approach, we make learning and growing fun. Children learn the importance of responsibility, sharing and teamwork, all while smiling, laughing, singing and just being kids. Our children get plenty of time to play in our large, fenced playground, complete with swing and play sets, vegetable garden, and more!

Themes and lessons use children’s developmental needs and interests to create learning experiences for the whole child. Each classroom is designed to stimulate children’s imaginations with age appropriate activities, toys, and games. Children experience how much fun art, music, science and language arts activities can be … children’s artwork is always on display! And children get a taste of what kindergarten will be like, from the miniature tables and chairs to elementary school-style “cubbies” to hang their backpacks and jackets.


Learning & Development Activities

We focus on the learning and development of the “whole child” through activities and experiences in:

 Art – Our children explore different media, colors, shapes, and textures.

 Math & Science – We work with children on counting, learning size and shapes, measuring quantity and length. We take nature walks and trips to museums, explore our environment by growing vegetables and plants, and learn about taking care of our pets.

 Language Arts – Our children are exposed to a variety of books and pictures. We encourage verbal labeling of objects and actions. And puppet plays, movies, finger plays, rhymes and felt board stories all help to promote language skills.

 Social Skills – We encourage our children to interact socially in a variety of ways, through conversations, modeling, stories, sharing time, and role playing within the classroom.

 Music – Our children love playing with rhythm instruments, singing, movement and listening to music!

 Self-Help Skills – We encourage and promote children’s independence, working with them to learn hair-combing, tooth-brushing, hand-washing, helping with cleanup, setting up for lunch, family-style serving at mealtimes, and being responsible for their belongings.

 Large Motor Development – Our program includes running, jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, work with the balance beam, tricycle riding, exercises and team games for older children.

 Fine Motor Development – We work with our children to develop fine motor coordination, such as squeezing, puzzle working, building, cutting, tearing, swinging, modeling with clay, and other activities.